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Since 1985, we have been working on the development of elements for radio communications, these being a synonym of quality hand-made manufacturing and high performance.

All of our products were designed to reach the maximum specifications in each of the required applications. Every part of our antennas is produced and assembled ONE-BY-ONE with the best materials available and have to undergo strict quality controls and a final control with a serial number which will identify it and which will be filed.


All in All apart from the Passion and Pride for Our Work, Customers and organizations around the world, many of whom, manufacturers of components and equipment, have trusted in our products for Commercial, Military and Amateur radio stations, sharing experiences in any particular situation.

IsoPole VHF







Owing to their technical characteristics, precision in construction, broadband and power handling, our antennas have been used for a long time for extreme applications, giving an outstanding service in base stations from the Antarctica to repeaters in dessert areas, as well as in Military applications, warships, trunking systems, telemetry and extensive Amateur use. There are different models for different applications.



Retail prices valid 2024

Amateur Models

Defense Models

Defense and Military  antennas are constructed under special order and specifications.

Prices varies according Technical Requirements and Quantity.

Replacement Parts For Isopole Antennas


Now you can rebuild your Old Isopole antenna

For a fraction of the cost of a New Antenna 

(VHF Antennas only)

Radiator Matching Network for 144 & 220  Models  $105.00 + $22.00 Shipping

Stabilizing Cone Discs  $22.00 + 14.95 Shipping

Decoupling Cones are  NOT for sale 

Request for quotation and details.

Prices expressed in US$ Dollars

Aditional Local Tax of 9% are applicable to California Residents.

Convert Our Prices in your Local Currency

Shipping Costs

The regular mail shipping costs are for each SINGLE antenna to the User by Air Mail service 5-20 business days.

Ask For shipping cost of TWO or more antennas into a single box

Sales Orders

By email ONLY or contact us to


SPECTRAL IsoPole antennas are tested under hard conditions of survival and performance to verify the working conditions under extreme situations to satisfy the requirements and reliability for each specific application.
Tests are made in Laboratory under stricts norms, with simulation reference equipment.
IsoPole antennas are subject to heavy duty mechanical and climatic conditions, moreover the electrical these mechanical and phisics tests are:

IsoPole Vibration test


ISOPOLE Moisture test


Are performed in SANSHU special chambers at 1kg of pressure, for random periods of 6 hours, were phenomena of intensive rains are simulated.

ISOPOLE temperature test


IsoPole antennas are tested simulating extreme weather conditions. This process is made in a refrigerated SANSHU chamber,specially designed for this kind of tests at temperatures from -50 to + 50 degree centigrades for periods of 6 hours each.

IsoPole Vibration test


Are subject to test the resistance of the boxes that contains the antennas, to prevent possible damages during the shipment process. There are performed with TOYOSEIKI reference tools.

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