Since 1985, we have been working on the development of elements for radio communications, these being a synonym of quality hand-made manufacturing and high performance.

All of our products were designed to reach the maximum specifications in each of the required applications.Every part of our antennas is produced and assembled ONE-BY-ONE with the best materials available and have to undergo strict quality controls and a final control with a serial number which will identify it and which will be filed.

All in All apart from the Passion and Pride for Our Work, Customers and organizations around the world, many of whom, manufacturers of components and equipment,have trusted in our products for Commercial, Military and Amateur radio stations, sharing experiences in any particular situation.

That is the reason why nothing is left to fate. Our satisfaction lies in being able to offer this combination of ART and TECHNOLOGY, dedication and above all, extreme care in each of the products.

After having visited our website...... You will agree with Us.

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