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New installations were made using SPECTRAL IsoPole antennas in bases of the force.


These stations are:

  • Repeater of Radio Nacional Tartagal, of 52 Squadron
    140 meters. Of heigth.
  • Military base stations in Tartagal and Salvador Mazza
    locations dependences of "52 Tartagal" y "54 Pocitos"
  • Miltary base stations in San Salvador de Jujuy and La
    Quiaca, Jujuy
  • "53 Jujuy y "21 La Quiaca" Squadrons.
  • Repeater "Castilla " 4200 meter of heigth, in Rosario
    De Lerma,Salta.
  • Repeaters in San Antonio de los Cobres ,Salta (3850 mts.).
  • Repeater San Javier Peak, Tucumán (1900 Meters).

Our antennas have been chosen by specialized personnel, showing a better performance that arrays four bays of dipole arrays and other collinear antennas.

Agrupación Salta

This process started in 1995 in the "52 Tartagal" Squadron (Salta) in the north west of Republica Argentina border with Bolivia and Chile, when the Principal Commander Anibal Eduardo Maiztegui seeked the optimization of radio communications, considering that zone very complicated topographically and climatologically
After many fruitless attempts, emphasis was put on trial and error with scarce resources. The person in charge of such task was communications Officer
Commander Pedro Alberto Arias who developed a great technical job in the installations of the force, using SPECTRAL IsoPole antennas, with different configurations and arrays in base stations and repeaters, having improved the communications in strategic places for national security



SPECTRAL IsoPole, have been adopted in different bases of the Army Forces. The picture below shows the antenna installed in "Regimiento Patricios", Buenos Aires, used by the force in their main VHF station.



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