::: SPECTRAL IsoPole VHF Jr.

With a radical advanced design, for vertical omni directional VHF antennas the SPECTRAL IsoPole, has obtained a strong reputation through the years, offering exceptional characteristics compared with any other type of antennas as:



  • Zero degree radiation angle, so the major lobe is oriented on the horizon: Is an ideal choice for base stations located in peaks or mountains, and aeronautic Applications.
  • Decoupling sleeve offer greater efficiency than the common radials, producing a uniform omni directional pattern and a great mechanical strength. Easier to assembly than most commercial antennas Lower price than any other antenna of poor quality and low performance Broad frequency coverage .They can be tuned for commercial, military or amateur frequencies without re-tuning across the entire band with less than 2:1 of SWR with no compromise for the transceiver.
  • Constructed with the best quality materials available of high resistance corrosion aluminium alloys, stainless steel mounting hardware, and insulation resistant to UV mainly manufactured for satellite applications; the connector is inside the mast fully weather protected, offering a linear and constant performance.
  • It has a high noise threshold, capable of discriminating weak signals of spurious or static noises, and it is also DC grounded.
  • The installation of the SPECTRAL IsoPole Jr. is very simple, it requires only a metallic tube (not supplied with the antenna for a reason of length) of 32mm (1-1/4 in.) and 1 meter (40 in.)
  • It requires no more than 5 minutes to assembly and tuning.



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